Hello here we will publish the changes or updates that occur on the site to keep everyone informed about the changes and improvements that are made ordered by date.


From today we will test the pop-up advertising for the site, just close the pop-up windows that open when you click and ready almost do not interfere with the content.

We will test it for a few days and if we see that it works we will continue using this method, if it does not work we will remove it and we will continue looking for better ones.


From today we are going to remove the advertising from the download links, to test how we are doing with just the banner advertising.

If you experience any problem on the page, any popup with advertising or any redirection to another site that is not the page or the download servers that host the game please can comment it here on the page or on the Youtube channels.


Today we are testing a new advertising mode which you may have noticed shows ads on the pages. Since we know that advertising on links can be a bit annoying when downloading a game.

If the advertising ads that we are testing works we will remove the shorteners on the links so that when you press the button it will take you directly to the download on the server where the game is located.

We will do this test for a month and if it works correctly we will proceed to remove the shorteners and leave the links free of advertising.

Note: I know that many have asked to leave the links free and that they hate to pass the advertising to get to the direct link, but they must be patient, remember that it is the only way until this moment to keep the site online.


This day the site was down for the hours between 00:00 and 09:00 because a server migration was being performed. The hosting site was changed at that time, which affected the service.

It was not that the site was down or had failures but it was in the process of change and redirection to a new hosting.


    1. Hello friend we have not yet made a tutorial on how to do it, but you can search on Youtube there are several that can work for you, another option is to ask the creator of the game directly on youtube is called Dark Night. Regards

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