Mortal Kombat Project Mugen for PC here you can download this mugen version created with dozens of characters from each of the mortal kombat games. Throughout its original creation have been adding more and more fighting characters with different skills and amazing powers and include new characters such as Leatherface and Jason each with their own original Fatalities and skills much bloodier than in other game.

In this Mortal Kombat Project Mugen you have the possibility to select all the possible characters that have been added in its development by fans of the game that have created it freely on the Mugen platform so that everyone can play it without profit.

This project made in mugen seeks to revive these old games like this so that we can play them again and enjoy them as in the old days but now with more options, powers and many characters so that the fun never ends. Download Mortal Kombat Project Mugen for PC here.


  • Platform: PC
  • Language: English
  • Crack: No crack needed
  • Size: 2.46 GB
  • Controls: Keyboard / joystick
  • Password: tutosraynet

Minimum Requirements

Operating System:Windows 7
Processor:Intel core I3
Memory:1 GB de RAM
Graphics card:1 GB
DirectX:Versión 9.0
Storage:3 Gb


Download links for Mortal Kombat Project Mugen

Let us know if any link has problems, you can do it in the comments section.


    1. Hola amigo primero puedes hacer la prueba presionando la tecla que tengas asignada en START por ejemplo la tecla ENTER y ver si aparece la guia que indica como hacer todos los poderes, movimientos y fatalities, si no aparece entonces debes buscar en los archivos de cada uno de los personajes, aquí te dejo nuestro tutorial de como hacerlo Saludos

  1. I cannot fight against Shao Kahn and any other boss like Goro, Motaro and Kintaro in the Arcade mode. When I reach them, the game goes back to menu. Did I miss any configuration? Thanks.

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