descargar resident evil mugen 1.1


Download Resident Evil Mugen 1.1 for PC here. This is a magnificent classic horror game that has been one of the best of the CAPCOM company. But now it has been recreated on the mugen platform by the fans of this magnificent game and they have turned it into a fighting game in which you can find all the characters of the original Resident Evil plus the monsters, zombies, and bosses of the first sagas.

Resident Evil Mugen 1.1 is a fighting game for you to play against the machine or against your friends in a versus game in which you can choose the main good characters or the monsters, zombies and bosses of the game to put them to fight in a bloody battle against each other. It’s a lot of fun. Download Resident Evil Mugen 1.1 for PC for free here.


  • Platform: PC
  • Language: English
  • Crack: No crack needed
  • Size: 952 MB
  • Controls: Keyboard / joystick

Minimum Requirements

Operating System:Windows 7
Processor:Intel core I3
Memory:1 GB de RAM
Graphics card:1 GB
DirectX:Versión 9.0
Storage:1 GB


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