We will show you the easiest way to add characters to a Mugen game in this tutorial. You can do it either in a new Mugen game you are creating or in a game that is already created and you just want to change or add more characters or chars to the game.

Steps to add a character in Mugen

  • First download the character you want.
  • Now identify the name of the character folder as well as the name of the .def file inside the character folder.
  • In this example we are going to add the character Kale SSL3 from Dragon Ball created by the fan ElHuesos Locos.
  • This is the folder:
add char to mugen
Add char to Mugen
  • You must paste this character folder inside the chars folder found in Mugen:
Mugen chars folder
Mugen chars folder
  • This is where the characters we play with are located.
mugen character folder
Mugen character folder
  • Now we go to the mugen game folder called data and open the Select.def file with a text editor.
File to add charas to mugen
File to add charas to Mugen
  • After opening it with the text editor can be the notepad look for the line that says [Characters] and we locate the list of characters that is in the game must be the same that are in the chars folder as we show in the previous image above.
mugen characters
Mugen characters
  • This is where we are going to include our new character.
  • We must do it as the others are. First start the line with the name of the character’s folder, then a comma, the word stages followed by a slash and the name of the character’s .def file found in the character’s folder. You must place it exactly as they are written:
Mugen character file
  • Everything must be written correctly. Remember first the name of the character folder and then the name of the .def file that is inside that same folder:
adding character to mugen
Adding character to Mugen
  • In the position that you place it is as it will be seen in the list of characters to choose from the game. Here we place him last so he will be seen last:
character added in mugen de ultimo
character added in Mugen de ultimo
  • If we place it first in the notepad, it will be displayed first in the game:
mugen's character added from first grade
Mugen’s character added from first grade
mugen's character position change
Mugen’s character position change
  • And now you are ready to play.

In the same way you add all the other characters you want to play even if it is a new game or if it is a game already created by another fan.

If you want to change the image that appears in the selection of the character by another of your taste or change the size to make it look smaller or larger should be done with a program called Fighter Factory Ultimate allows you to modify the characters to your liking. This we will show in another tutorial for now you can search on Youtube there are many very good tutorials.


Remember to always create a backup copy of the files before modifying them. In case you make a mistake you can get back the original file that you copied before it was modified.

If you have any doubts, something to contribute or a correction that we overlooked, you can leave it in the comments so that everyone can help and learn.

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