When running a mugen game, one of the most common errors can be displayed as the graphics error. Here are some possible solutions to this problem.

If when running a mugen game you see a screen similar to the following image:


This indicates a graphics problem, your pc does not support OpenGL which specifies a standard software interface for 3D graphics processing hardware. So you cannot run such a game.


One of the possible solutions may be to change the OpenGL to another of the mugen graphics options, This works only in some games not all. But it is worth a try:

  • Enter the game folder and look for the folder called “data” and enter it.
  • Find the file named mugen.cfg.
  • Create a copy of the mugen.cfg file to have it as a backup in case something goes wrong and you can recover it.
  • Then open the mugen.cfg file with any text editor like notepad for example.
  • Find the line that says “RenderMode = OpenGL” without the quotes:
rendermode opengl
  • Now change the word OpenGL to System or Directx and try the one that works for you. It should look like this:
rendermode directx
  • Done now save the file and run the game.



This is a possible solution when your PC can’t run Mugen OpenGL graphics but as we said at the beginning it doesn’t work in all games only in some of them, because it depends that it is adapted for the other rendering modes.

Remember to always create a backup copy of the files before modifying them. In case you make a mistake you can get back the original file that you copied at the beginning before being modified.

If you have doubts, something to contribute or some correction that we overlooked you can leave it in the comments so everyone can help and learn.

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