Download JUMP FORCE V7 MUGEN for PC this new version 7 contains more than 500 characters to choose from and new powers, maps, music and images. It was made by Dark Night fan on Mugen platform with many amazing characters, moves and powers. It is a very fun game which is ideal to download and play with your friends, it has all the characters improved with its mugen graphic engine.

In the game menu you have options to play several modes such as VS that you can play with your friends in a one on one battle as you also have TEAM mode for you to play with teams either against the computer or against your friends. Download JUMP FORCE V7 MUGEN for free here.


  • Platform: PC
  • Language: English
  • Crack: No crack needed
  • Size: 18.25 GB
  • Controls: Keyboard / joystick

Minimum Requirements

Operating System:Windows 7
Processor:Intel core I3
Memory:1 GB de RAM
Graphics card:1 GB
DirectX:Versión 9.0
Storage:30 GB


Download links for JUMP FORCE V7 MUGEN


Let us know if any link has problems, you can do it in the comments section.


    1. Hello friend, sorry for the delay in responding, that is the advertising, you must skip it under the link is a link that says “TUTORIAL TO DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE” as well as in the main menu it says “download tutorial” we show it in a video how to pass the publicity , Greetings

  1. So I tried adding characters to this mugen but they always have a picture that is bigger than the screen,and is always different from the other characters which are just the characters,does anyone know how to fix this to either remove the picture or crop it so it could fit in the portrait?

    1. And sorry for commenting twice,I never used this site and thought the first message didn’t go through

    1. Hello friend, have you extracted the .rar and executed the file called “jump force mugen.exe” which is located inside the folder “jump force mugen”?

  2. Hello friend! After download and extract I have 2 (two) files exe (3v3 and 4v4)…

    When I try to open both of them return configuration failed.

    Can yo help me?

    1. Hello friend the two options on Mediafire are the actual game, the first is the direct download from Mediafire of the entire full game. The second is to download the Torrent file and then run that file and download the game by Torrent with some program like BitTorrent or uTorrent. If you are not sure I recommend the first option which is the direct download of the game. Regards

  3. Can anyone help me? Why does everytime I open the jump force mugen app, it says not responding while when I open games that are more powerful, it runs smoothly.

  4. i need help getting this game set up on my pc ive tried everything i just dont get it and i really want this game to work can someone assist me plz

  5. it says network error every time i tried to download it and it goes awfully slow it says network error bc the download freezes mid any help i need it and i have good wifi and a good powerful pc

    1. Hi friend that download problem is with your internet connection, try downloading by Torrent which is the second option download the file and then you need to install Utorrent or BitTorrent to run the file you downloaded as it contains the game to be downloaded. You can look for a tutorial on how to download Torrent. Regards

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