Jump Force Mugen V8


Download JUMP FORCE MUGEN V8 for PC we bring you this game. Which was made by the fan Dark Night creator the best Jump Force Mugen that exists with many characters, moves and amazing powers. It is a very fun game which is ideal to download and play with your friends, has all the characters improved with its graphics engine mugen.

In the game menu you have options to play several modes such as VS that you can play with your friends in a one on one battle as you also have the TEAM mode for you to play with teams either against the computer or against your friends. Download JUMP FORCE MUGEN V8 for free here.


  • Platform: PC
  • Language: English
  • Crack: No crack needed
  • Size: 26.70 GB
  • Controls: Keyboard / joystick

Minimum Requirements

Operating System:Windows 7
Processor:Intel core I3
Ram Memory:3 GB
Graphics card:1 GB
DirectX:Versión 9.0
Storage:47 GB


Download links for JUMP FORCE MUGEN V8

Let us know if any link has problems, you can do it in the comments section.


  1. ra phiên bản V9 đi nhà phát hành game , tôi rất mong chờ sự xuất hiện của những nhân vật trong kengan ashura và baki trong game jump fore này

        1. Hello friend you must specify better the error, it could be that you downloaded some part wrong, or it could be that your pc is little powerful in that case you can probra to lower the resolution, or it can also be that your pc does not support the OpenGL graphics you must change by Directx, if you need some tutorial you can see the ones we have in Tutorials menu. Greetings

    1. If you only have to extract the first part and the others do it automatically. Remember to have all the parts together in the same folder before extracting. Greetings

    1. Hello friend if you have already downloaded all the parts now you must extract with the winrar program and after that open the game folder and run it. Greetings

  2. Hello, so i downloaded jump force mugen v8 and everything was ok untill yesterday when i opened the file and the mugen app wasn’t there. Only 3v3 and 4v4 were there and when i tried to extract the game again it stayed the same? Does anyone know how to fix it because i wanna play 2v2

    1. Hello friend if at first it was fine and the next day does not work, it seems that your antivirus may have deleted it thinking it is a dangerous file because being a fan game detects it as a strange file. try to extract it again but disabling the antivirus to see if the executable does not disappear and tell us how it went. Regards

  3. I try to download and it says “One or more files are too large to be included. Files must be 2 GiB or less in order to be included in the zip file.” though i can download the part 01-08 individually. any help?

  4. When I clicked media fire it would take me to another link called openbook and when I tried downloading it would not let me is the link working or something.

    1. Hello friend it may be the popup advertising window that is displayed when you click, just close the ad sale and click the button again. Regards

  5. When I go to download it there is a notification that says, “One or more files are too large to be included. Files must be 2 GiB or less in order to be included in the zip file.”

  6. ” One or more files are too large to be included. Files must be 2 GiB or less in order to be included in the zip file. “

  7. at first I was able to install mugen JF but some thing went wrong trying to add more characters so I had to delete it and reDownload it but 4 errors keep appearing such as not enough disk storage even thou I have enough please tell me If I can fix this or not.

    1. Hello friend if it tells you that you do not have enough storage is the error, remember that you must have 26.70 GB of space to download and about 47 GB to extract are almost 75 GB in total that you must have to download and extract it. Greetings

  8. hello, when i wan’t to play Black Goku the game says “Can’t Load Black Goku …. couldn’t find” can you help ?

    1. Hello friend it may be a bug or that the character is not properly downloaded in the game, you can try to download only the character you can search for it on Youtube and add it to the game to see if the error is corrected. Regards

    1. Hello friend if it gives you problems to extract may be that some part is badly downloaded, it is recommended for that error is that you re-download the parts. Regards

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